With the weather warming up and spring approaching, it’s time to finally get around to cleaning out the garage. After the garage comes the shed, side house, attic and maybe it’s time to clear out the old toys and clothes from the kid’s room? The list continues to grow, yet the time you have available surely doesn’t. According to a report NBC News wrote, “one-quarter of Americans admit to having a clutter problem, with the average home containing 300,000 items.” Many of these people worry their house is not organized or clean enough, which in turn takes a toll on our stress levels. Do yourself a favor and make spring cleaning a priority. Companies like Junk Away specialize in removing something as simple as old furniture to performing comprehensive home cleanouts.

junk removal in cluttered garage

For Your Home and Your Business

Clutter in our homes accumulates rapidly, and while you might have a garage, it quickly becomes a storage unit rather than a space to store your vehicle. This is the reality many Americans face. In fact, Becoming Minimalist states that, “25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and 32% only have room for one vehicle.” Many people upgrade their space only to fill it with more “stuff” they haven’t used in years. Do you have old furniture, appliances, or maybe even a hot tub you no longer use? Junk removal and hauling companies help you declutter your home and save you time.

Businesses face a similar issue when it comes to clutter. Moving into a new office space may require dumping old furniture and investing in a new set. Construction sites need debris and junk hauled out to maintain a clean workspace. Real estate deals bought “as is” that still have non-functioning appliances or other large items on the property. Junk removal services can work wonders for businesses faced with a need to quickly dispose of debris and unwanted items.

Junk Away – Sacramento’s Junk Hauling and Removal Experts

Junk Away is an eco-friendly junk hauling and removal company that serves the Sacramento area. We offer professional, reliable, same day service for residential and commercial customers. Whether you need us to haul and remove trash, yard debris, furniture, hot tubs, sheds, appliances or construction demo debris, we have you covered. Call us at (916) 900-8535 and visit our website to view all that we have to offer.

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