• Household Junk? We Have a Solution

    It's easy for us to accumulate large household items that we may or may not end up using. We find a deal on a refrigerator, or maybe you got a raise at work and you decide its time to treat yourself to a hot tub. Thankfully, it seems the notion [...]
  • What is Considered Recyclable?

    Recyclable items change and policies become more strict over time. Waste Management has been known to crack down and warn home owners about non-recyclables found in their bin. Pictures are taken, warnings are given and you might be wondering, [...]
  • Junk Hauling Services in Sacramento – Essential in Keeping our Community Clean

    On March 19, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay at home order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Businesses in California were slowly but surely being deemed “essential” or “non-essential” and for small business owners across our great [...]
  • Junk Removal – No Job to Big or to Small

    With the weather warming up and spring approaching, it’s time to finally get around to cleaning out the garage. After the garage comes the shed, side house, attic and maybe it’s time to clear out the old toys and clothes from the kid’s room? The [...]

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