How to Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is like a nagging parent, a midday headache, an incessant tapping. It enjoys waging psychological warfare in our mind, while just lying there, motionless. Many of us stress at the sign of clutter or messes, yet oftentimes, we’re too busy to clean and declutter our homes and businesses. The key is to disallow clutter from accumulating in the first place, but what if it’s too late? Don’t let clutter kill your mood. Follow our helpful tips and tricks to beat the worthy enemy.

Be Consistent and Set Goals

Tackle the messes in sections. Clean the pile of old mail sitting on the counter on Monday. Remove the old clothes you never wear out of your closet on Tuesday. Creating manageable goals is far easier to complete rather than taking an entire Saturday to declutter the whole house.

Consistency is king. To prevent clutter from spawning out of control, schedule weekly declutter sessions. When you set goals, stick to them. Don’t let those old receipts sit in your car, throw them out! Fight back against the pesky items that seem so harmless, yet cause so much distress.

how to get rid of clutter

5 Things to Clean up Now

  1. Kitchen items you’ll never use. Take an inventory of essentials vs. things you thought you might use at some point. Remove condiment packets, expired food, gadgets you haven’t used in over a year, the ever-growing mountain of plastic bags.
  2. Office supplies. We all hold onto old power cords for years. Get rid of them. Clean out old electronics, crafts, broken pens and pencils, receipts.
  3. Clothes and accessories. Got a hat you never wear? How about a shirt you never liked? Cleaning unused items in your bedroom and closet will help you rest a little easier at night.
  4. Garage junk. The garage is a magical place where junk gets stored, never to be used. Think of what’s really worth keeping long term and what you can junk. Scrap wood, the broken bike you’ve never fixed, old holiday décor, paint cans, toys.
  5. Items in the “utility drawer” (a.k.a. the junk drawer). We all seem to have a drawer or cabinet with miscellaneous items like batteries, a screwdriver, rubber bands, a flashlight. This space is often very useful, but it’s also a magnet for junk. Get rid of manuals, dried up tubes of glue, empty spool of tape, burnt out candles.

How to Remove the Big Items

In the midst of organizing, cleaning and getting rid of junk, you may have some big items like hot tubs, furniture, large electronics, appliances, and yard waste. There’s only so much our standard issued garbage cans can hold, so what do you do?

Junk hauling and removal companies like Junk Away are the perfect solution for house, garage and business clean outs. We’re an affordable solution to help you quickly declutter. Don’t worry about loading your car full of junk and hauling it to the dump. We quickly clean up all your unwanted items, load them into our truck, sweep the area clean, and properly dispose of the junk. We donate or recycle anything we can to help reduce the impact on our landfills.

Think of us as professional help for your decluttering sessions. We help make your sessions productive and quick so you can get back to more important things in life. Call Junk Away today at (916) 900-8535.

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