Spring is here. The weather is turning for the better, trees are blooming, and the hills are showing its lively greenness. Spring is often a time where you pick up projects you put off during the winter, for most, that includes spring-cleaning. All the junk you’ve accumulated has reached its bitter end and you can turn that claustrophobic space anew. Getting rid of all that junk, old items, and debris is the hard part. Junk removal services like Junk Away, provide a helping hand when it comes time to spring-clean.

Household and Garage Items You No Longer Need

It’s difficult to get rid of all your junk at once. You move household items into the garage, which piles onto the already growing stack of unwanted garage items. The piles never end. The multiple trips to the dump or donation center are too troublesome so you put it off. But what if you could have that pile disappear without lifting a finger.

Gather your old furniture, storage items, appliances, e-waste, tools, projects that were never completed, clothing, and more from your house and garage. Next, call Junk Away and watch it all disappear. You’ve taken the time to sort through everything and organize, so allow us to haul it away and sweep the area clean when we have finished. We take the extra step to donate and recycle what we can to ensure your junk is disposed of responsibly.

The Ever-Growing Pile of Yard Debris  

In preparation for a bountiful spring, you might’ve pruned your trees, trimmed those overgrown bushes, and cleaned the debris out of your gutters. Yard waste accumulates rapidly and takes up a lot of space. Clearing your yard of debris is a great way to start spring. Make room for new growth and have a clean area to entertain guests.

Types of yard debris you may have laying around include branches, dirt, landscaping debris, shingles, firewood, clippings, fencing, and more. You might even have old lawnmowers or other yard maintenance equipment you need to get rid of. Don’t let these items take up all the room in your waste bins. Call us at 916-900-8535 for a free estimate and we’ll have your yard clean and ready for the spring and summer seasons.

We Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

We service home and business owners for all their junk removal needs. Now is the time to hire Junk Away to save time on your spring-cleaning. No job is too big or too small. Our professional team of junk haulers are quick, efficient, and work hard to ensure your space is clear of waste.

How to Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is like a nagging parent, a midday headache, an incessant tapping. It enjoys waging psychological warfare in our mind, while just lying there, motionless. Many of us stress at the sign of clutter or messes, yet oftentimes, we’re too busy to clean and declutter our homes and businesses. The key is to disallow clutter from accumulating in the first place, but what if it’s too late? Don’t let clutter kill your mood. Follow our helpful tips and tricks to beat the worthy enemy.

Be Consistent and Set Goals

Tackle the messes in sections. Clean the pile of old mail sitting on the counter on Monday. Remove the old clothes you never wear out of your closet on Tuesday. Creating manageable goals is far easier to complete rather than taking an entire Saturday to declutter the whole house.

Consistency is king. To prevent clutter from spawning out of control, schedule weekly declutter sessions. When you set goals, stick to them. Don’t let those old receipts sit in your car, throw them out! Fight back against the pesky items that seem so harmless, yet cause so much distress.

how to get rid of clutter

5 Things to Clean up Now

  1. Kitchen items you’ll never use. Take an inventory of essentials vs. things you thought you might use at some point. Remove condiment packets, expired food, gadgets you haven’t used in over a year, the ever-growing mountain of plastic bags.
  2. Office supplies. We all hold onto old power cords for years. Get rid of them. Clean out old electronics, crafts, broken pens and pencils, receipts.
  3. Clothes and accessories. Got a hat you never wear? How about a shirt you never liked? Cleaning unused items in your bedroom and closet will help you rest a little easier at night.
  4. Garage junk. The garage is a magical place where junk gets stored, never to be used. Think of what’s really worth keeping long term and what you can junk. Scrap wood, the broken bike you’ve never fixed, old holiday décor, paint cans, toys.
  5. Items in the “utility drawer” (a.k.a. the junk drawer). We all seem to have a drawer or cabinet with miscellaneous items like batteries, a screwdriver, rubber bands, a flashlight. This space is often very useful, but it’s also a magnet for junk. Get rid of manuals, dried up tubes of glue, empty spool of tape, burnt out candles.

How to Remove the Big Items

In the midst of organizing, cleaning and getting rid of junk, you may have some big items like hot tubs, furniture, large electronics, appliances, and yard waste. There’s only so much our standard issued garbage cans can hold, so what do you do?

Junk hauling and removal companies like Junk Away are the perfect solution for house, garage and business clean outs. We’re an affordable solution to help you quickly declutter. Don’t worry about loading your car full of junk and hauling it to the dump. We quickly clean up all your unwanted items, load them into our truck, sweep the area clean, and properly dispose of the junk. We donate or recycle anything we can to help reduce the impact on our landfills.

Think of us as professional help for your decluttering sessions. We help make your sessions productive and quick so you can get back to more important things in life. Call Junk Away today at (916) 900-8535.

We are constantly on the move. Traveling, upgrading to a new home, moving to a new city or renting a new space for your business. We are busy, productive and some of us are just ready for a change. While technology has helped our lives become easier in many ways, we still can’t seem to use those 24 hours in day to get everything we need done.

According to the US Census Bureau, a 2007 American Community Survey showed that a person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their lifetime. That is also of course if you are not a business owner or someone who may have to frequently relocate for work. Moving is no small feat. Figuring out what to keep, what to throw away, packing, driving or flying and then unloading and organizing. It’s a task that makes those 24 hours in a day seem insufficient.

Using a junk hauling service saves you time and space. Forget about having to make a dump run and wasting precious time disposing of junk you no longer need. Services like Junk Away hauls everything you no longer need like old appliances, furniture, electronics, hot tubs and much more!

home clean outs

Home Clean Outs

Some of us tend to hoard, accumulate clutter and buy things we really don’t need. This problem becomes obvious when it’s time to move.

According to a 2015 Time article, “children in the U.S. make up 3.1% of the world’s kid population, but U.S. families buy more than 40% of the toys purchased globally.” Houses that we’ve lived in for years accumulate clutter so easily and some of us expand to storage units, especially as our families grow.

Online retailers like Amazon provide “one click” purchases and deliver right to your door. Purchasing goods has never been easier. It seems the more we make, the more we spend. We work hard to build and live our lives the way we envision. However, when it’s time to move on, don’t let that clutter become your headache. Junk removal experts make your move effortless when it comes to clearing out items you no longer need from inside and outside of your home.

Commercial Clean Outs

Running a business is hard work. Trust us, we know. When business is booming it might be time to expand to a larger location, or when rough times hit and you no longer need a storefront/office space, it might be time to downsize.

For construction site clean ups, we remove all junk and debris from the site and clean the space when we are done. Though the industry was put on pause for many contractors during the COVID crisis, most are back up and running. Let us help you keep business running smoothly. Focus on your builds and leave the clean up and removal to us.

Realtors and property managers looking for junk removal and hauling on new and current properties can trust us when it comes to preparation and maintenance. When tenants move out or you are showing a property to your clients, we can help you ensure a clean and junk free space. We understand time can be of the essence in these situations, so we help our commercial clients receive timely service.

Junk Away – Sacramento Area’s Best Junk Hauling Resource

Clutter is on the rise and time never seems to be on our side. Whether you are moving from your home, business or need junk removal for your jobsite, we are here to help you gain some of that time back. Junk Away sorts your items that can be recycled, donated or just needs to go to a landfill.

Call us today at (916) 900-8535, sit back and watch your clutter disappear!

The Rich History of Junk Removal

Let’s take a trip back to the early 1800s. American cities were eager to create an action plan around preventing the surge of epidemics. Cleaning our streets, collecting trash, treating our drinking water and removing human waste lacked an organizational structure. The biggest problem at the time was finding ways to fund these efforts. Yet cities began taking on a local responsibility and formed Departments of Sanitation to provide such services. These departments were adopted nationwide and innovations in the following decades helped progress the movement toward controlling contagions and keeping our communities clean.

Solutions of the Past – Adaptations to our Waste Removal

As population increased in ancient civilizations like Rome, waste collection teams were established to clean up piles of trash on the street and transport it to designated areas outside of the city. Throughout history, junk removal was imperative in a growing society to prevent pest infestations, keep contaminants out of drinking water and most importantly, combat the spread of the plague and disease.

The idea of recycling and reusing materials was used quite often. Precious metals were often melted and re-caste for multiple uses, wood used for ships and construction were repurposed and organic waste was used for fertilizer and livestock feed. Junk that could not be recycled or reused was often gathered in pits and in some instances burned.

Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution, the rapid increase of innovation in terms of products and machinery led to a large spike of trash accumulation through raw materials and byproducts. This pushed our society into what was known as the “Age of Sanitation.” Cities began to outlaw dumping trash in the streets, dumping in rivers and waterways and pigs were even used as a garbage disposal solution. Dumps and incinerators were collectively incorporated into our cities but problems with emissions and pollutants posed a conflict.

Through much trial and tribulation, we learned a lot as a growing society on how to best manage and dispose of our growing piles of junk.

Sacramento junk hauling

Present Day – Solving The Growing Pile of Junk

Nowadays, our growth in technology and focus on being environmentally friendly has led to more efficient landfills.

All of the trash piled into our landfills produce methane gas (a powerful greenhouse gas). It’s produced as trash decomposes and could be a problem for climate change as it traps more heat in our atmosphere than carbon dioxide. However, as methane rises from our decomposing trash, landfills have constructed ways to capture and turn it into renewable natural gas. Natural gas can then be used to produce electricity, heat and fuel.

To prevent contamination, liners are used to protect the trash from leeching into the environment and groundwater is continually monitored. Around the clock maintenance of these facilities are needed to protect surrounding areas from odors and materials. Strict precautions are in place to protect our environment and health.

Technology has made it easier to recycle and reuse. Sorting has become faster and more efficient in removing contaminants. Recycled materials are reused for products and packaging in the manufacturing industry which is huge for our environmental impact. This saves both landfill space and trees as we continue to develop more efficient ways of reusing recyclable materials. As technology has improved sorting efforts, we have a big impact as citizens to keep contaminants out of our bins and understand which materials should and should not be recycled. You can use this recycling resource as a guide.

The best way to solve your growing pile of junk and clutter is to call Junk Away at (916) 900-8535. When you have more junk than you can fit in your waste bin, a cluttered garage, excess yard debris, old furniture, e-waste (TV’s, computers, telephones), appliances and more, we come pick up your items and haul it to the correct facilities in order to properly dispose of your waste.

This summer has shown us once again of the dangers wildfires pose to our state. As the flames grow higher and containment is difficult to achieve, the risk of damage to our forests, neighborhoods and structures are an issue that will continue to be a threat. It is crucial to do what we can as individual citizens to protect our state from devastating damage. This starts with a defensible space around our homes and structures.

Are You Ready for a Wildfire? Get Rid of Junk and Debris

When a wildfire is burning, small embers are emitted and can travel more than a mile in the wind. These small embers increase the range and danger of spreading the fire as the embers can create smaller spot fires.

In the 1990s, a retired USDA Forest Service fire scientist Jack Cohen developed the “home ignition zone” which helps us understand how we can classify the different “zones” of our home/property and properly take preparation and action to prevent damage. Not only can we prevent damage to our homes, but these practices can help combat the spread of a fire to additional homes and structures.yard debris removal

The National Fire Protection Association breaks down the home ignition zone with tips that we cover briefly in this article.

Immediate zone – your home itself and the area 0 – 5′ from the furthest attached point is the most vulnerable to embers. Start your efforts here by cleaning roofs and gutters of dead leaves and pine needles, move flammable items like leaves and firewood piles away from your exterior walls, and ensure no debris and materials are piling up on any damaged window screens or any other areas around the house.

Intermediate zone – the area 5 – 10′ from the furthest exterior point of your home will need attention on landscaping and creating breaks that will discourage a fire from catching. Clear any loose vegetation that might get caught around large stationary items, keep lawns and grasses mowed to a height of four inches, prune trees up to six to ten feet from the ground, and space trees to eighteen feet a part (this step is more for planning, yet if you already have trees closer together, keep this metric in mind if you plan to redo any landscaping).

Extended zone – the area 30 – 100′ and out to 200′ continues to focus on landscaping techniques that will help disrupt a fire’s path. Get rid of any dead plant or tree debris, remove small conifers that grow between trees and clear vegetation around storage sheds. Trees that are 30 – 60′ from home are recommended to be 12 feet apart and trees 60 – 100′ from your home are recommended to be 6 feet apart.

Yard Debris Removal

Cleaning up your home ignition zones can be a lot of work, but you do not have to do it alone. Junk Away specializes in yard waste removal. As junk hauling locals in the Sacramento area, we care about the well-being of our community and strive to help protect it in any way we can.

Yard debris piles up fast and there is often more than your bin can handle. We will make the clean up fast and effort free. Let us take care of the clean up and hauling so you can focus on maintaining your home’s wildfire preparedness.

In 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency. According to Cal Fire, a total of 8,200 wildfires burned a total area of over 880,000 acres in California. Let’s all do our part in prevention and preparation to protect our great state.

Call Junk Away today at (916) 900-8535 and we will give you a free estimate on your yard debris removal!

It’s easy for us to accumulate large household items that we may or may not end up using. We find a deal on a refrigerator, or maybe you got a raise at work and you decide its time to treat yourself to a hot tub. Thankfully, it seems the notion that the older we get, the wiser we become, still rings true. Statistica released a study in 2018 on shopping behavior that breaks down the number of impulse purchases by age group

Eighteen to twenty-four year old adults report 49% of their purchases are consumed by impulse purchases, yet each consecutive age group decreases this percentage, with the lowest reaching 35% for sixty-five and older adults.

Whether or not that new refrigerator was an impulse buy, chances are you’ll still need your old refrigerator removed or other large items collecting dust in your garage.

Hot Tub Removal

Luxury items like hot tubs are a perfect way to unwind in your backyard. While some hike up a tall price tag, there are actually several brands and options for affordable tubs. Maintenance can be a pain, but the relaxation factor it adds after a long day might just be worth it.

While the hot tub was a breeze to order, deliver and have the company set up for you, the inevitable disposal might just have you question the purchase in the first place. Disposing of the tub yourself might seem like the cost effective alternative, yet dismantling these behemoths actually come with many risks and safety precautions.

Your hot tub consists of components like gas lines and electrical elements that pose serious injury risks if not taken a part correctly. Then, once you remove any screws/nails and cut the frame into small pieces, disposing of it all needs to be done properly which consists of sorting through the components and materials.

Looking for an easy way to get rid of the hot tub you no longer need? Check out Junk Away’s hauling and removal page here.

Garage and House Clean Outs

Do you remember the day you bought or began renting your current residence? The garage looked so spacious, cabinets were empty and you embarked on a journey to organize your belongings in the perfect way. Over time however, our lives get busy and junk tends to pile up.

Garages have the potential to be a workspace, an organized space for storage and of course, a place you actually have room to park in. Yet garages also tend to be an “overflow” storage container, meaning the new stuff we end up accumulating but do not have room for ends up there.

According to Forbes, “in 1930, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Today, that figure is 30 outfits – one for every day of the month.” Now of course it’s not just women who like to shop. For guys it might be tools, a beer sign you thought would look cool in the garage or maybe a woodworking project you purchased the materials for but do not have time to build.

Luckily, there are professional junk removal services that specialize in cleaning out these junk items from your house and garage.

Call Junk Away today at (916) 900-8535 and rid your home and garage of junk!

Recyclable items change and policies become more strict over time. Waste Management has been known to crack down and warn home owners about non-recyclables found in their bin. Pictures are taken, warnings are given and you might be wondering, how was I supposed to know that’s a non-recyclable?

Recycling is important for our community, yet there are items we unknowingly throw in our bins, or do not dispose of properly. Let’s understand why it is we recycle and what kind of items we can focus on disposing of correctly.

Why Do We Recycle?

what items are recyclable

When we recycle, the need for natural resources decline. This helps to achieve a more sustainable future and makes production of certain products more efficient.

Materials and items that can be reused limit the amount of our junk that ends up in a landfill.

According to Waste Management, common items that can be placed into your recycling bin include:

  • Plastic bottles and containers: bottles, jars, jugs and tubs (clean and dry containers, then put the cap back on before tossing)
  • Food and beverage cans: recycle empty tin, aluminum and steel cans. Empty aerosol cans are recyclable. Remove any plastic lids before recycling
  • Paper: magazines, paper and newspaper are all acceptable. If paper is wet, compost it instead
  • Cardboard and paperboard: make sure to flatten and keep items like delivery food boxes free of any leftovers
  • Food and beverage containers: rules for recycling milk, juice boxes and food cartons vary by city, county and state. Ensure your containers are empty to avoid contamination
  • Glass bottles and containers: glass recycling rules vary, some communities have curbside pick up or drop off locations

Common items that should not be placed into your recycling bin include:

  • Bagged recyclables
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic wrap and film: plastic wrap, bubble wrap, sandwich bags and freezer bags
  • Flexible packaging: chip bags, soup or juice pouches
  • Cups with wax or plastic coatings
  • Polystyrene foam and plastic: Polystyrene foam, plastic “to-go” containers and cups

There are additional miscellaneous items that should not be placed in your bin and these items can be found here.

Junk Hauling and Recycling

It is important to be conscious of what you place in your recycling bin. However, it is easy to misplace items without thinking and it is not necessarily a topic fresh on our minds on a daily basis. Let Junk Away do the work for you. Quite often we end up generating more junk than our bins can handle, especially if you are cleaning out your garage, doing yard work or doing a remodel.

Junk Away makes removing your junk and recycling easier. We sort through your items and properly dispose of them. When we haul your junk, you do not have to worry about what should or shouldn’t be recycled. Give us a call at (916) 900-8535 or visit our website to view all of our services.

On March 19, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay at home order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Businesses in California were slowly but surely being deemed “essential” or “non-essential” and for small business owners across our great state, tough times were ahead. It is remarkable how businesses began to adapt. Restaurants closed for in-house dining but remained open for take-out, a few small retailers began offering free delivery and gyms took advantage of the Internet to offer online classes and workouts.

The world throws curve balls and we learn to adapt. It is important to help our local businesses, yet stay safe and adhere to what the CDC recommends.

Junk hauling and removal companies fit the criteria of an essential business and here at Junk Away, we aim to adapt to these uncertain times by putting your safety first.

junk hauling company

Why Should I Use a Junk Hauling Company?

Working from home, being cooped up at home during the weekend, and if you have kids, school closures are keeping them at home during the week. With a full household, junk gets piled up more quickly and you might find yourself producing a bit more trash than usual.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the total generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2017 was 267.8 million tons (that equates to about 4.51 pounds per person per day). The EPA defines municipal solid waste as various items consumers throw away such as bottles and corrugated boxes, food, grass clippings, sofas, computers, tires and refrigerators. This total of 267.8 million tons of trash was 5.7 million tons more than what was generated in 2015.

Junk hauling companies make sure trash and recycling are appropriately disposed of as trash that ends up in recycling or vice versa, will only add to the unusable waste that is generated. Let’s make sure that extra waste being produced in 2020 get appropriately sorted and leave the hard work for professionals like Junk Away.

Curbside Pick Ups, Garage/Backyard Pick-Ups and Over-the-Phone Payments

Junk Away, Sacramento’s premier junk removal service is doing our part in this COVID-19 outbreak by practicing social distancing. We are offering curbside pick-ups, garage/backyard pick-ups and taking over-the-phone payments to minimize direct contact with our customers.

It is important that customers can still receive the junk removal services they need during a time that has put a halt on many of our daily operations.

Check out our website here to view a list of our services. We are a local Sacramento family owned business that works hard to keep our community clean and junk free. Call us at (916) 900-8535 for a free estimate and we can help you be clutter and junk free during these tough times.