Recyclable items change and policies become more strict over time. Waste Management has been known to crack down and warn home owners about non-recyclables found in their bin. Pictures are taken, warnings are given and you might be wondering, how was I supposed to know that’s a non-recyclable?

Recycling is important for our community, yet there are items we unknowingly throw in our bins, or do not dispose of properly. Let’s understand why it is we recycle and what kind of items we can focus on disposing of correctly.

Why Do We Recycle?

what items are recyclable

When we recycle, the need for natural resources decline. This helps to achieve a more sustainable future and makes production of certain products more efficient.

Materials and items that can be reused limit the amount of our junk that ends up in a landfill.

According to Waste Management, common items that can be placed into your recycling bin include:

  • Plastic bottles and containers: bottles, jars, jugs and tubs (clean and dry containers, then put the cap back on before tossing)
  • Food and beverage cans: recycle empty tin, aluminum and steel cans. Empty aerosol cans are recyclable. Remove any plastic lids before recycling
  • Paper: magazines, paper and newspaper are all acceptable. If paper is wet, compost it instead
  • Cardboard and paperboard: make sure to flatten and keep items like delivery food boxes free of any leftovers
  • Food and beverage containers: rules for recycling milk, juice boxes and food cartons vary by city, county and state. Ensure your containers are empty to avoid contamination
  • Glass bottles and containers: glass recycling rules vary, some communities have curbside pick up or drop off locations

Common items that should not be placed into your recycling bin include:

  • Bagged recyclables
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic wrap and film: plastic wrap, bubble wrap, sandwich bags and freezer bags
  • Flexible packaging: chip bags, soup or juice pouches
  • Cups with wax or plastic coatings
  • Polystyrene foam and plastic: Polystyrene foam, plastic “to-go” containers and cups

There are additional miscellaneous items that should not be placed in your bin and these items can be found here.

Junk Hauling and Recycling

It is important to be conscious of what you place in your recycling bin. However, it is easy to misplace items without thinking and it is not necessarily a topic fresh on our minds on a daily basis. Let Junk Away do the work for you. Quite often we end up generating more junk than our bins can handle, especially if you are cleaning out your garage, doing yard work or doing a remodel.

Junk Away makes removing your junk and recycling easier. We sort through your items and properly dispose of them. When we haul your junk, you do not have to worry about what should or shouldn’t be recycled. Give us a call at (916) 900-8535 or visit our website to view all of our services.

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